The first Montessori nursery school in Chania!

Montessori education

What is Montessori education?

It is an innovative educational system which emphasizes in the full development of the child. The aim is to ensure child’s mental health and the development of its skills, so that the child has all the necessary supplies for life.

Its evolution based on new findings about the function of child’s brain

Researches on the brain have shown that pre-school age, i.e. from birth to 6 years is the “golden age” of human because during these years the brain develops and infrastructure for human capabilities is created. It is therefore very important that pre-school education offers rich stimuli to the child so that it can develop the appropriate time.

Benefits and advantages of Montessori education
  • It develops child’s brain in the most charismatic ages.
  • Through play children learn naturally and effortlessly.
  • It cultivates mathematical logical thinking.
  • It learns to the child to read and write.
  • It provides experiential learning in an environment appropriately designed and fully equipped.
  • It helps child to create positive self-image and high self-esteem.
  • It promotes self-concentration.
  • It helps child to socialize.
  • It cultivates team spirit.
  • It prepares child very well for primary school!