The first Montessori nursery school in Chania!



Through painting children discover themselves and express their feelings. They contact different materials, they cultivate their imagination and fine motor skills.


Children learn to make from simple materials a craft. They cultivate their creativity and they gain self-confidence and trust in their abilities.


Children’s contact with clay is a special experience that contributes to their mental development. Through their imagination, they transform material and they foster the sense of touch.

Music and motor play

The combination of music and movement helps children in their motor development and fosters coordination of their body and their rhythmic perception. Also, children feel free to externalize their feelings.

Thetrical play

Through imitation, improvising and other kinds of play, children discover their skills and express their inner world. Their energy is channeled into a creative group activity, developing cooperation.

Puppet theater

Puppet theater is an important means of entertainment for children. Children are transported to a magical world, they participate, identify with the hero, experience emotions and learn through hero’s adventures.

Fairy tale reading

Fairy tale contributes to mental and cognitive development of children. It cultivates their imagination and their speech. Also, through properly structured fairy tales, children identify with their heroes and learn from their experiences.

Extra lessons


Children have contact with the magical world of music. With the help of the specialized educator they learn musical instruments, music notes and they experience rhythm, melody and the harmony of music.


Children become aware of their bodies, the coordination and control of their movements through gymnastic games organized by qualified trainer.

English language

Children until the age of six learn naturally and effortlessly foreign languages, such as English language, through their communication with an educator which is native speaker.